About Me!

I am a Computer Science Masters Research student, currently studying at HCI lab of  University of Saskatchewan.

I have two years’ experience working as a developer on Google Summer of Code projects for the year 2014 and 2015. In these programs I worked on GNU Dr. Geo (Interactive Geometry Application) and Kdenlive (NLE Video Editor).

For my Bachelor’s I have worked upon two big projects. First one was eCAD , a 2D CAD software, developed with C++ and Qt during my Industrial Training semester. And the second one was Kimaya , 2D Platformer Game, developed in Unity3D with C# as my major project.

I also have exposure to other Game Development areas such as 3D Modeling, Animation, Character and Level Designing, and Graphics Designing. I certainly enjoy portrait drawings and music production as well.

I have an ability to think architecturally, have a strong understanding of software engineering principles and practices, and experience writing specifications and technical design documentation.

My communication skills, both oral and written, are efficient and clear. I have strong leadership abilities demonstrated when leading the team of College Students when we had to finish both of the major projects that I stated earlier.

I’m looking forward to work in a progressive organisation which can expand my knowledge and provide me opportunities to utilize my skills and qualification to achieve personal as well as organisational goals.


I have good experience in software development and game development.


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